Gorgeous,Nestled in Kathmandu

It is my first day at Ananda and can honestly say that this is the yoga retreat I have been looking for since my last Ashram visit 17 years ago.
If you want fancy lodgings and all the frills; then this isn't for you. An ashram is not a luxury hotel it is a place to balance your mind, body and soul.
The setting of Ananda is just gorgeous, nestled in the Kathmandu valley hills. The schedule is exactly what I was after with Yoga, Chanting, Meditation and the most DELICIOUS food cooked by Shivgiri's wonderful family.

Melissa Newzealand

Wonderful Class,Delicious Food

Thank you so much.I have had a really month long nice time here.I'm gonna miss my each moment, I'd spent here. Ganga is the greatest teacher and Ranjanji as well.Thank you to them giving me a such a wonderful classes.Everyone in the Ashram are very nice warm hearted including Guruji and family.Thank you for Ama,
making so delicious food with full of love.I w'll definitely come here again.
Sonam Gurung
Ktm Nepal 18th August 2013